How to recover lost or deleted files

flash drive

You may have accidentally deleted files or maybe Your usb flash drive / external hard drive which is corrupt and should be formatted while the files or document in the flash drive is very important to you.

Below are Tips to recover lost or deleted files
  1. Download and install the file recovery applications such as EASEUS (Recommended) or PuranFileRecovery (freeware).
  2. Prepare your usb flash drive/Hard drive which will be recover,

    • When flash drives/hard drive can still be opened and there is another file, we recommend that you backup the files first.
    • When Flash drives/hard drive is asking to format, and there is no other way, you may format the flash drive, but you should not format again twice or use the flash drive/hard drive to save new files until the lost file recovered.
    • When Flash drives/hard drive could not be opened or cannot be formatted, then your flash drive may have damaged and I suggest you to take the FD/HD to service center.

  3. Open the file recovery application
  4. Select the type of files to be recover, for example: doc files, music, video, record, or you can select all file types, Next
  5. Select the drive that you want to recover, Scan
  6. Wait until the scan process is complete, this may take some time according to the drive size.
  7. Once the scan process is finished, recover the files you need, wait until the recovery process is complete

* This Website has no affiliation with Puranfilerecovery and EaseUs
* I have tried the above tips and success, if you are having problems when trying the above tips, it is at your own risk
* When you lose a file or data, before use file recovery app make sure that the files are lost due to deleted and not lost due to a virus. When your files are lost due to a virus, you should scan the flash/hard drive using the antivirus application.
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