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Lately you need some a lot of spaces for your important data, to store the high definition photos or saving your videos. These things need more storage in your PC or mobile device then you will need addition disk storage systems to save more data’s. Though you can use the external hard drive for backing up your data from PC or mobile devices, but if you leave your hard drive, you will unable to open your file. The other option is you can consider to use the Network Attached Storage (NAS). NAS is the high capacity storage which connecting your house network or office network then let the other users get the access file from their mobile or PC without connect it into the drive. So, this is also the best way You should consider based on your need.
What you can do use the NAS?
After you decide that you need to store your files in network drive, so you need to find out what you can do using this and decide the NAS types that you need, such as: you need to share the access in the office file with your partner is the simple work for NAS, in the other case, if you use NAS for backing up the laptop over night, this is also worth it as well. you also able to serve the high definition video quality through the house network for 2 tablets, smart TV, laptop, PC, etc in the same time. If you want the NAS with higher specifications that contain higher memory, network or processor, you can get it as well. NAS will show the ability and their adaption in certain jobs. This is so affordable for your disk storage system.
What the benefit using NAS?
1. The bigger storage capacity
The other factor that you should consider is how much storage space that you need. NAS devices disk has the space for one internal hard drive and has the more complex unit for 2-8 more than drive, for back up you PC or mobile devices, you may need 1TB or 2TB as well. If you like collecting the high definition video quality, you will need 6TB-8TB for your space. in other case, if you use NAS for small face or workgroup, you should consider to get the NAS around 10TB-20tb.
2. The payment
The basic NAS with the single 2TB hard drive start from $150. But if you want to get more complex, you can pay specific amount based n your need. This is really worth it, if you want to get the spacious storage.
3. Choose using Disk or no Disk
You can purchase NAS with the hard drive or installed drive. You also able to buy the diskless NAS which has the empty space to fill with your won drive. The NAS including drive will be easier to set up but more expensive. You should notice that your storage need may increase as well. The NAS with some drives usually will use the RAID form to store you data safely.
4. The connectivity
The NAS box provides the files in some PC’s and mobile devices through the LAN network or Wi-Fi. Most of the routers pass the Gigabit Ethernet and some NAS devices already built in with the Wi-Fi. So you can get the easier access for your secure data.
5. Get your data security
Some of NAS devices already been tested for support data encryption and offer you with control security features as well. This is make your date get the protection access. This is become your secure disk storage systems.

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