How to backup android phone apps apk files

At any time you may need to reset android phone, before doing that you should definitely backup all files and data in the internal storage, including the application so that you can install the application again without having to download it again and save internet usage data.
In addition, you may want to share the android application (apk files) via bluetooth or wifi to friends or family.

Below is how to backup android phone apps (apk files)
1. Download and install the “App Backup and Restore” app on Google PlayStore
2. Open the “App backup and restore” application
3. Select the application to backup, backup
4. Wait until the backup process is completed
5. You can find the apk files in the output folder or “Archieve Tab” and you can use as needed

* I suggest you to save backup files on memory card, you can change output folder to sdcard (memory card) on app setting.

Tips to restore android apps (apk files)
After reset android phone, you may need to restore apk files that has previously been at apk backup folder, here's how:
1. Download or install “App backup and restore” Application on Google PlayStore
2. Open the application
3. Select the Archieve tab, if you ever backup app and do not delete the files, you will see a list of apk files there, or you can try scan it first
4. Select the application to install, press restore
- To restore multiple applications, you can choose more than one apk
- Press restore >> install >> press back >> restore next app

Good Luck !!

* This Website has no affiliation with “App backup and restore” application dev or creator
* If there is a problem when you try the tips above, it is your own risk.

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