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Everyone loves to share fun and amazing experience, some of them likes telling experience with words, and the other likes to share the experience with pictures or videos.
A camera is a tool for recording the sights and interesting event. The purpose of the photos and videos are made very diverse, some are made as mementos, as documentation, as works of art, as evidence, news and so on.
Along with the advanced technology, the camera is also developed in accordance with user needs, cameras that are popular today is a DSLR camera, action camera, and Smartphone camera.
Below is a brief review about three types of cameras that may be taken into consideration before you buy a camera

DSLR Cameras
DSLR Camera (Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera) is a digital camera that uses an automatic mirror system and pentaprism or pentamirror to transmit light from the lens to the viewfinder.
Spec: varies, 10 MP - 24 MP, memory slot, Live view, LCD monitors, Optical Zoom, Digital zoom, etc.

  • The quality of the photos is the best compared to most other camera types and suitable for photography.
  • Flexible to exchange different types of lenses.


  • Prices are more expensive than other types of cameras
  • More Heavy and bulky compared to other camera types
  • Only works as a camera
  • Beginners will generally be confused when operating DSLR Camera

Action Camera
action camera
Action camera is a camera that is designed specifically for users who need a sophisticated camera with strong durability and can be used easily in all fields and activities.
Spec: Vary, 12 MP up to 16 MP, 1080 p video, ultra wide angle glass, G-Sensor, Waterproof, Wi-Fi, built-in Wi-Fi Remote, memory slots, etc.

  • Small and lightweight, ideal for the traveler and backpacker.
  • Superior durability compared to another camera type, especially when coupled with the accessories and protectors, camera action could be taken to extreme activities such as diving, parachuting, and so on.
  • The photos quality is not as good as DSLR camera but it's been good enough for the needs of documentation and fun (extreme action activities).
  • The price is cheaper than the Smartphone Camera and a DSLR camera


  • The photos quality is not as good as DSLR camera
  • It Does not have complete camera features compared with DSLR.
  • Only works as a camera
  • Due to the small size battery, it will quickly run out especially when using Wi-Fi and Remote Control

Smartphone Camera
smartphone camera
A Smartphone is a multi-purpose gadget whose primary purpose is as a telecommunications tool, along with the development technology as well as market competition, smartphone manufacturers are competing to design a sophisticated smartphone that can meet the expectations of consumers and win business competition, so that currently serves as a telecommunications tool, smartphone also has a "fairly" complete features such as web browser, social media, entertainment media, cameras, and other interesting features.
Cameras on advanced smartphones even not inferior to the camera action, even with many supporting features, smartphone users can use a variety of applications to process the photos directly on the smartphone, other advantages are the photos of the smartphone can also be shared directly on the websites of social media.
Specs: Every smartphone has camera specs, generally have the lens up to 2 MP to 12 MP, flashlight, autofocus, face detection, etc.

  • Practical, no need to bring a lot of electronic devices because of smartphones can be used as a telecommunication device, browse to the internet, social network media, entertainment media, camera and other features.
  • After taking photos with the camera, you can use third-party applications to improve the quality of the image or you can edit photos directly with your smartphone before share it to social media websites.


  • Although the high-end Smartphones have high specs cameras, but the average smartphone camera is not as good as the actual camera.
  • Smartphone cameras usually drain the battery

Based on the above reviews, before buying a camera, you should consider your needs, if you want to purchase a camera aim for photography then the best choice is a DSLR camera, if the intended use of the camera for the fun and extreme activities it is best to use an action camera, but if you are a person who does not like to carry a lot of stuff when activity I suggest having a smartphone.

Finally, in addition to the camera, image quality also depends on the ability and technique of photographer. Produce good photographs with expensive and good cameras was ordinary, but produce good photographs with ordinary cameras is extraordinary.

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