Compress videos on an android phone?

You may have a huge collection of videos on your android smartphone and don't want to delete it. But android has a limited storage capacity, whereas you will not continually see these videos all the time. The best solution is to keep the video (backup) on a laptop or PC, but if you still want to save the videos on your android phone, you can compress the videos to better conserve android storage.

The advantage of compressing video

  • Can save more files and videos in smartphones 
  • More quickly and easily to share/upload on messenger apps or to the social media websites.

The disadvantage of compressing video 

  • Video compress process can take a long time in accordance with the file size and its duration, 
  • Image quality is reduced, I don't suggest you to compress the video when the video is important. 

How to compress video 
Before compressing the video, you should backup all of the video files that you want to compress on a laptop/pc or save it on your external hard drive /Flashdisk/CD.

there are two applications, please select one that you like.

1. Video Compress // This application just to compress videos 

  • Open Playstore
  • search application called Video compress
  • Download it
  • Once downloaded, open the application 
  • Select the video to be compressed 
  • Press menu video compress 
  • Select video size 
  • Wait until completed 

2. Inshot // video editor application 

  • Open Playstore
  • Search application called Inshot
  • Download it 
  • Once downloaded, open the application
  • Select the video to be compressed 
  • Adjust/edit video as needed 
  • Press Save 
  • Select a suitable resolution, the smaller resolution the smaller file size 
  • press Adjust menu, you can set the resolution to the smallest 160P 
  • press Okay, Wait until finished 

Tutorial with examples, please see the video below:

Good luck!
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