4 Tips to Sell Your Phone Online

The development (or maybe evolution is more correct word) of today’s phone technology is running and growing faster. You can almost find new phone product, technology and innovation every month. Therefore, it’s not quite surprising, if you want to change your phone almost every month. It’s not only for your appearance needs, but the feature that the new phone carries is also proved to be very useful and helpful. If you decide to buy new phone, what would you do about your old phone? The answer is simple. You can sell it. It gives you cash and of course, it can help you to save more money for buying new phone. And here is the most important question. How to sell phone online? Here is the guide to sell your phone online.
selling phone online

1. Prepare Your Phone
This is important. You need to prepare your phone, so, it is suitable to be sold. So, if your old phone is damaged or broken, and it can’t be used, it would be better, if you don’t sell it. The other important thing, make sure you delete all your important file and data. Or, moving it into other backup media you can use to keep your important file, data and information. Do not leave anything behind, because, you won’t know what other party will do once they get it after bought your phone.
2. Find the Sites
There are many websites that you can use to sell your old phone online. For example, you can use eBay, USell.com, Swappa.com, Gazelle.com and many more. You just need to choose the website service that you think it’s suitable with your need.
3. Provide Information
Most of the sites that mentioned above usually have similar method for people who want to sell their phone in their place. You need to make account, provide information and sell it through that websites. And, information that you must provide here is the most important one. You need to be honest, but not too honest. That means you need to provide detail information about your phone condition, specification and the damage or minus point that it might have. The not-too-honest here means do not reveal too much on how bad your phone is. Just use simple and light description for the minus point of your phone condition, so the other party will know what they will get from that phone.
Your contact information is also important. Make sure you provide detail information about this matter, so, other people that want to buy your phone, can easily ask anything to you. And, that will help them to easily convinced and buy your phone.
4. Shipping the Product
Here there are two methods you can use. First, some website will receive the product from you. That means you need to sell it to that site and then they will sell it to other people. You need to send your phone to the site. The other method is the site only acts as media that connect you to other people that want to buy your phone. If the sites that you choose use the second methods, you need to prepare the shipping method by yourself, including the packaging. For this one, you need to pack it correctly. Do not let any slip or mistake; so, when the product arrives at the buyer place, there won’t be any problem.

One more important thing that you need to pay more attention is the price of your phone. Make sure you set the right price, like its condition. That way you can sell your product easily. And, that’s How to sell phone online.
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